The King & His Kingdom is our divinely given theme for this year. Every year, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, themes are revealed to us, which not only direct the focus of our year, but also culminates in our annual event in August.

Our Event, constitutes of engaging discussions, fun ice-breakers, and also includes, Praise & Worship and also a Sermon, which are intrinsic to such a Spirit-filled event as this.

This year, as The Lord has burdened us with the theme, ‘The King & His Kingdom’, looking deeply into the theme reveals the eternal plan of God through the ages, hidden previously to men, but made known to humanity alongside the revelation of Jesus Christ, which is the reconciliation and re-colonisation, of Earth and its worldly system, subjugating them underneath the Lordship of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

This reality, which once transcended the minds of those before us, is now, not only is being seen a a concept, but now is being made manifest, as we see His Kingdom being revealed not only in Churches, but also in governmental positions and places of influence and authority.

Author: AlexCambridge

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