Meet Our Team

Meet some our passionate and dedicated charity team!

Yvonne Eba - CEO / DIRECTOR

Yvonne has a great passion for learning and teaching. She is also an English teacher and tutor. She holds a Msc in Education, Power and Social Change , a DTLLS (Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong learning sector), BA in Creative Writing and Journalism. With up to 5 years experience in English tuition and 4 years classroom experience in schools and PRUs’ Yvonne is equipped to take your child to another level.

“Yvonne is extremely passionate and lives the ethos of always looking out for others” – David

Sophie Golding - PA

Personal Assistant for Life Creations deals with the intrinsicies of the ins and outs of the company , dealing with the day to day emails and general organisation of the company. Works closely with the forerunners of the organisation.

“A pleasure to work with and very efficient” – Mark Richards

Chinonso Ude - HS

Chinonso is a zealous, enthusiastic and spirit led individual who strategically orchestrates events, workshops and the details of all spiritual activities. Supplying the team with scriptures, topics of fasting, deep meditation and systematically ensures Christ is at the forefront of all matters. In charge of weekly organisations, the calendar of the year and careful execution of all spiritual endeavours.

“He is an amazing man and allows Christ to be magnified” – Shivon Watson, attendant of The Vision 2015

Amanda Nankumba - YOUTH AMBASSADOR

Amanda is currently the events manager at L.I.F.E Creations Ltd. This role consists of overseeing a number of events and also managing our social media platforms. As well as this, she is the go to person for the youth ambassadors.

“She is a breath of fresh air, dedicated to the vision” Alex Ashvin

Osaze Ezhigie - ENTREPRENEUR

Osaze is the head of the marketing department and his role is to expand the company in numbers. He allows the ethos of building giants to be fulfilled by allocating and delegating strategically as each event comes up. He uses the tool of evalengism and marketing to promote Life Creations through all social media platforms, physical distribution and through word of mouth ensuring all are aware of all our events, workshops and programmes. He is heavily involved in marketing of the company and aims to ensure the company is at the forefront of the industry of the young people.

“Such a lovely and kind young man. Made me feel very welcome at the workshops.” Amaka


Life Creations’ Freelance Culinary Executive. She specialises in a range of cuisines such as Nigerian, Russian, Caribbean and American. Esther has brought ‘Life’ to life and not only brings extraordinary dishes, but ensures each workshop, programme and session is equipped and leaves all my students, customers and clients with a remarkable taste in their mouths. She also assists and helps promote Life Creations to other food companies and participates throughly in all group activities, meetings and sessions.

“I loveeee her food, she is so amazing at what she does can’t wait to this summer’s event.” – Nathan Dixon attendant of The Waymaker 2017


Paul Creavin (Business Chancellor)

Meet Paul, our amazing Business Chancellor who ensures the company is running in full force and heading in the director desired by the company. He fervently outlines the ethos throughout and ensure all goals, targets and tasks which are set and carried out accordingly.

“Very shrewd and straight to the point.” – ELSBC

Chadley Richards (Designer)

Meet Chadley, one of our many amazing designers, he perfects and articulates the vision to the best of his ability with a catalogue of amazing work he passionately brings creativity to the forefront of this conformed universe. He has been with us since the beginning and has grown with us.

“His designs are amazing, they stand out!” – Attendant of Edukit event 2017

Daniel Dean - DESIGNER

Meet Daniel, one of our many amazing designers, he has started with us from the very first LIFE CREATIONS logo and was able to capture a vision of which we hadn’t captured yet LOL. A pleasure to work with and work parallel with.

“Grateful that he started designing!” – Tanya Wilson



Bemi is currently the events manager at L.I.F.E Creations Ltd. This role consists of overseeing a number of events and organising them strategically to ensure the success of each project

“A creative being… pleasure to work with” Fellow colleague.


Tolulope Oyewole – WORKSHOP LEADER

Tolu is one of the dynamic workshop leaders within LIFE CREATIONS who runs, delivers and plans sessions which are creatively designed to empower young people. He is very passionate and knowledgeable.

“An amazing mind, an amazing leader” – Youth at a training.