This is a three-week programme which teaching you about economic empowerment, systematic structures, becoming an entrepeneur or investor. This programme teaches you how to build a system and not get trapped in one. With a grande finale of a graduation this programme will change your mind, awaken your destiny and learn life long skills. With billionaire speakers, credited investors, successful entrepeneurs and empowering entities the young people can not remain the same again if they apply the knowlegde they gain.

Testimony from one of our students:

Before the program, I was not really confident with money. I wanted to earn money, but the revenues in which I believe that money can come time was limited. After the program, I learnt that money can be earned in a multitude of ways which are legal. I realized that the money system is a kind of belief system, that also in order to gain money you need to believe in your heart that it will come to you if you work hard enough. This gave me the motivation to work harder.

The best part of the program was gaining expertise from others who are actively dominating their field in business. I would recommend this program to others within my age bracket because it is very relatable  and many subjects which were touched upon are not normally covered in school. – Chinonso Ude (age 17)