Through the breaking down of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure to topics such as adjectives, adverbs and higher things like the building of essays and studying of novels. We offer tuition in this subject from KS1 and above. Through the breaking down of basic topics such as grammar and punctuation to sentence structure and other topics which are created to develop a habit of reading, speaking and listening effectively.

As we strategically break down topics, we are able to take each child’s English grades to higher heights through worksheets, interaction, presentations, group work and solo work. Ensuring their etiquette is sharpened, their language skills transformed and their ability to annotate and analyse colossal topics. (All related to the curriculum)

FYI Each child goes through an assessment process prior acceptance so we are aware of their learning styles and can work around them. We also have quarterly assessments to monitor and record each child’s progress. This allows us to monitor each child individually and ensure their progress.