• Want to become part of an amazing company?
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  • Passionate about education and young people?
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“Working with Life Creations has been a dream come true, it has allowed me to take teaching to another level. I really connected with their vision”- P.B

Life Creations have excellent, qualified and dedicated teachers who are willing and passionate to build your child into a giant via education. With the best teachers in Maths, English and Science and exceptional success rates of 80-90 percentage increase in grades (2 grades up i.e, C-A’s) and with our unique edge of personal development, intimacy and strategic original lesson planning, we ensure your child will not only do well but begin to love the subjects they used to hate.

You can join the team if you understand this ethos, the vision and the foundation behind education. We believe that education is the passport to the future but we also believe confidence in character and in ones divine ability is a necessity to get good results and grades.

We simplify hard subjects and topics and bring it down to the students level as we believe simplicity is genius. We are very systematic and strategic in our methods but indeed creative as we understand each learner is different likewise each tutor is different.

If you are a passionate qualified teacher who wants to not only earn extra income but bring education away from classroom settings become a tutor today with Life Creations and join us to build giants.