Life Creations (Team & Merch)

"Exceptional standards and amazing teachers" - Dr. Jan Brooks

Our Mission

To build giants and educate with excellence via tuition/mentoring and workshops/events.

Our Values

Excellence, consistency, passion and knowledge.

Our Vision

To build every young person/ student into a giant via producing PERSONAL and ACADEMIC change. Creatively engineering progress.


We also hold one on one tutorials for A Level Students.

Our Story

Life creations is an institution of learning and teaching via formal and informal education birthed in September 2012. We deliver workshops/events and tuition/ mentoring. Our ethos is to build giants and educate with excellence.

Our tuition/mentoring side includes:

  • Maths, English and Science (KS1 and above)
  • Personal development


Our workshops/event includes:

  • Creative personal development

“ We believe in accessing every students dominant learning style and consciously teaching them with it”

Our Approach

Having worked with over 4000 young people we pride ourselves in differentiation and precision teaching. As we educate both formally and informal, we use non conventional means to teach conventional topics whilst putting the child’s image of themselves at the forefront of our minds.

We find each students/ young persons dominate learning styles through assessment and teaching them with it consciously. We use creative strategies, methods and concepts to break down tedious subjects. We change the face of learning and teaching and take education beyond the classroom.

Our teachers, mentors and leaders are passionate, creative and dedicated to ensure each child becomes a giant.

Our methods are precise, detailed and unique our love for learning drives the vision.

- Yvonne Eba


Abiding by the Equality and Diversity Act which was recently revised in 2010 we notice and assess each student’s differences and discover their dominate learning style which empowers us implement teaching and see tangible evidence of learning.

Interested in studying with us?